A little history…

To begin, I finished my CEGEP in 2017 … My last class, a course where we have to create a group project, did not happen as planned. We had to learn a bit of PHP Laravel.

It was the first time I used a free framework to do a school project. I had just installed my first GNU/ inux distribution on my laptop, and I liked the idea of ​​managing my project by the CLI.

Once the course ended (and with my college diploma in hand), I decided to continue using Laravel to make my own website.

The website

After a few days of headaches, I created a functional website. It was a “complete” CMS, with the possibility of creating projects and chapters to explain lots, lots of things. Obviously, I put the website online, added my first project “Portfolio” and forgot to put it up to date for several months. Indeed, the CMS I had created was not easy to use, so I I did not want to keep it up to date.


The website has been put online, somewhere in the cloud.

Code available here

Unfortunately, it is no longer online ..